7  Editorial Governance

This chapter explains management of the blog editors GitHub team and the process for staff-authored posts.

7.1 GitHub team

rOpenSci blog editors are the member of the @ropensci/blog-editors team.

  • Blog editors can be tagged in any ropensci repo, in particular roweb3, by writing @ropensci/blog-editors (e.g. :wave: @ropensci/blog-editors, I have trouble adding citations in my post!).

  • Blog editors have write access to the roweb3 repo.

For adding a new blog editor, the team maintainer or any ropensci admin

The blog editors can filter their notifications, e.g. using the reason:team-mention filter.

The blog editors don’t necessarily have write access to the blog-guidance repo but are encouraged to make PRs.

7.2 Posts authored by staff

  • Staff members can bypass review for tech notes but they can choose to request a review by blog editors.
  • Staff members’ blog posts should be scheduled together with the Community Manager.
  • Staff members are responsible for creating the discussion forum entry for their own post and must tweet from the rOpenSci Twitter account (directly or via the Tweetdeck rOpenSci team) before tweeting from their personal account.