E Author checklist for any other post

Use of this template is described in Pre-submission checks.

Copy this checklist into the first comment on your pull request. You can hover over the top-right corner of the template to make a copy-paste button appear.

* [ ] I have read the Content Guidelines.
* [ ] I have read the Technical Guidelines.
* [ ] I used or followed the R Markdown or Markdown template.
* [ ] I have followed the Style Guide.
* [ ] I created or updated my author metadata with correct folder name.
* [ ] I have added relevant tags after browsing existing tags.
* [ ] I ran `roblog::ro_lint_md()` on index.md (optional).
* [ ] I ran `roblog::ro_check_urls()` on index.md (optional).
* [ ] I ran a spell-check on index.md.